The Paper Shop

The Paper Shop

  • 10
  • 30
  • 60


  • Find Calm
  • Keep Learning

What you need

  1. Variety of newspapers
  2. Variety of magazines, such as:
  • Women’s
  • Men’s
  • Gardening
  • Nature
  • Cars
  • Sport
  • Health


This quiet activity needs very little preparation at all. You simply give someone the time and space to relax with a pile of magazines or newspapers, and drop in every now and again to see if they’d like to chat about anything they’ve seen.

It’s great for filling those quieter moments – just after a meal, perhaps – or for when some downtime is needed.

Top tip

It might be nice to keep the papers and magazines in a rack, so people can dip in whenever they fancy after the activity.

The Activity

  1. Place a pile of magazines and newspapers close to each person
  2. Encourage them to explore the different titles and to pick the one they’d like to read
  3. Let them flick through or read quietly, checking in from time to time to see if they have found anything they would like to talk about or share