What you need

  1. A quiz
  2. Choice cards with instructions on them - download resource
  3. A list of categories and suggestions to use for the game - download resource
  4. A flipchart and pen
  5. Pen and paper to keep scores on


Remember the popular game show Wheel of Fortune, which was basically a jazzy game of hangman, but with a giant wheel showing the prizes won? Well, give or take the whopping prize money and the big wheel, our version is super similar and lots of fun – and when someone knows the answer but it’s not their go, it’s hilariously competitive too!

Top tip

List a number of ready-to-play “game words” on the flip chart so that the group won’t have to wait too long in between games.

The Activity

  1. Gather the group in a room that’s a safe distance from distractions (and from causing a distraction to others)
  2. Draw lines on your flipchart where the words of your answer should be
    For instance, the film, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly would be_ _ _ /_ _ _ _ /_ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ _
  3. Determine the points won for that game, eg 5 points for each correct letter guessed and then 25 points for guessing the whole answer
  4. Then ask your first player to choose a choice card
  5. There are 3 possible cards to pick:
  6. When someone gets a letter right, they take another turn. However, if they go wrong, it’s time for the next person to have a go
  7. If someone thinks they can guess the whole word, they can shout it out, if it’s their turn!
  8. If they guess correctly, they win the points, and you move on to the next game
  9. The winning player is the one at the end with the most points

PDF Resource