The Great Ribbon Project

The Great Ribbon Project

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What you need

  1. Tin cans (clean and a variety of sizes)
  2. Ribbons (a variety of colours and widths)
  3. Glue


Homemade projects always come with an enormous sense of pride – especially when you can see your handiwork on display. This simple activity turns old tin cans into wonderful works of art with the help of a few lengths of ribbon. You can keep them and use them as pen pots or vases, or gift them to friends and family members on Birthdays and at Christmas time

The Activity

  1. Place all your ribbons in a jumbled heap on a table
  2. Encourage your group to pick through the ribbons and pull out a few favourites
  3. Give each person a tin can
  4. Starting at the bottom, paste a layer of glue around the can, then ask everyone to take their preferred ribbon and stick it around the can
  5. Glue the next layer up and add another strip of ribbon
  6. Repeat until the whole thing is covered in ribbon
  7. Allow the can to dry and then it’s ready to use or give away as a gift!