What you need

  1. A list of nursery rhymes - download resource
  2. White board (or large sheet of paper)
  3. Pens
  4. A prize (optional)


‘Hey diddle diddle!’ Let’s go back in time to our childhoods and remember the nursery rhymes we once loved. Work your way round the room, inviting everyone to share their favourites. Encourage people to remember the names and lyrics, and have fun working as a team to piece the whole rhyme together.

You could even give a prize to the person who names the most.

Top tip

People at a sensory level might not be able to remember the name of a rhyme. However, they can still join in by reading rhymes aloud to them and seeing if they recognise them.

The Activity

  1. Ask the first person to think of a nursery rhyme
  2. Write it on a board for everyone to see
  3. Invite them to say the rhyme out loud, if they wish – or see if anyone else can remember the words
  4. Encourage them to share their memories of this rhyme and what it means to them, and invite the group to share their thoughts too
  5. Ask the next person to do the same
  6. Go around the group giving everyone a chance to share as many rhymes as they wish
  7. Give a prize to the person who remembers the most, if you wish

PDF Resource