The Clothes Rack

The Clothes Rack

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  • Stay Active
  • Stay Independent
  • Bring Joy

What you need

  1. A dedicated cupboard full of clothes, hats, shoes, gloves etc (or a clothes rack in a safe area) – all messy and ready to tidy 


Most of us hold on to clothes. We fold them away in a bottom draw or bury them at the back of the wardrobe hoping that we might wear them again one day – or they’ll come back into fashion!

This activity is a simple one, but it’s all about having a cupboard of clothes to rummage through. Whether at home or in a care facility, it’s a dedicated space for someone to rifle through, sort out, tidy up and maybe even try things on. 

It’s ideal for people who find it difficult to engage with structured activities, especially as it will be always available for whenever the mood takes them. The activity might be more familiar for women who perhaps did more of the housework, but men may well enjoy it too.  

If you’re doing this activity at home, it’s better to use a cupboard away from your normal wardrobe, so it stays tidy.

The Activity

  1. Introduce the clothes area to the person 
  2. Encourage them to engage with the clothes and items, asking questions like, “Whose hat is this?” There are no right or wrong answers 
  3. Ask them if they would like to try something on 
  4. Have fun trying things on together, asking opening questions like, “How do you think I look in this red beret?”
  5. Also ask them if they would like to help tidy it up, as it’s so messy
  6. Allow the person to explore the clothes at their leisure
  7. Give them some space to do this on their own, if they wish, perhaps put a little music on in the background too (something familiar so they can enjoy this while they take the cupboard to task)
  8. Check back now and then to make sure they are happy in their work
  9. Engage with them on how they are getting on and if they have found anything of interest
  10. Leave the cupboard/rack in an easy-to-access place so they can visit it again