The Big Local History Hunt

The Big Local History Hunt

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  • Bring Joy
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What you need

  1. Large notice board
  2. Some basic research on local history
  3. Some research on local events


From local heroes to newsworthy stories and community celebrations… discovering the history of your local area is a intriguing activity that can aid memory, and bring people together! We think this local history board is best created over a series of group sessions. Perhaps one or two sessions per week over the course of a month, or tailor the sessions to suit your needs.

It takes a little research and planning, but it’s a great group activity and a brilliant way to find out more about your local communities and get involved in any events that might be taking place.   

Top tip

Local Community History Month takes place in May, so why not make the most of this activity then?

The Activity

  1. Take a small group to the library to find some books on the local area
  2. Visit local exhibitions or lectures in the area that may be taking place
  3. Research any famous people from the area and spend time discussing their lives
  4. Encourage the group to put a timeline together based on local historical events
  5. Spend a session cutting out images and mounting them on card with relevant dates
  6. Place the timeline on the notice board, along with the images and information about the famous residents and major local events
  7. Your finished local history board can now act as an informative memory aid