What you need

  1. A large selection of magazines and newspapers
  2. Scissors
  3. Card
  4. List of summer-related items -Download resource
  5. Embellishments, such as ribbons, glitter, buttons, gems and lace


Now that summer is here, why not make a summer collage? This simple yet fun art activity comes with a twist, as the initial prep encourages cognitive thinking. Everyone must hunt for certain pictures within the folds of the magazines and newspapers before cutting them out to create a summery work of art.

The Activity

  1. Place all the magazines and newspapers on a table
  2. Give each person the list of summer-related items
  3. Ask them to look find pictures of the items within the pages of the magazines and newspapers
  4. Help them to cut out the pictures and stick them onto a piece of card, creating their own summer collage
  5. Encourage them to jazz up their collage with embellishments

PDF Resource