Stupendous Sandwich Sampling

Stupendous Sandwich Sampling

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What you need

  1. Variety of breads.
  2. Variety of fillings, some conventional, some with a difference. Here are some ideas…
  • Banana and salted caramel spread
  • Brie and grape
  • Fish fingers
  • Chocolate spread
  • Hummus and salad
  • Fig and prosciutto
  • Avocado and egg
  • Cucumber and marmite


Who doesn’t love a jolly good picnic? National Picnic week takes place on the second week of June, but if the sun is out, any day can be a picnic day!

Why not have a little fun with the fillings? Get everyone making all the classics they’ll love but also introduce some new sandwich flavours, so they can try something new.

The Activity

  1. Slice the bread so you’re ready to go.
  2. Put someone in charge of buttering all the slices ready to be filled.
  3. A few others can prepare the different fillings, chopping and mixing, if needed.
  4. Invite everyone to put the sandwiches together.
  5. Once you’ve made the sandwiches, head into the garden to enjoy them as a picnic. Why not make our elderflower punch (find in Activity Finder) to go with them?
  6. Ask people about all the fillings while they’re eating, to find out which they like the best, what the different textures are like, which ones are new to them and which they don’t like!
  7. You could also encourage further conversations by asking questions like, “What’s the strangest filling you’ve ever eaten?” or “What was your favourite sandwich as a child?”