What you need

  1. A flipchart or sheet of paper
  2. Sets of words - download resource


Everybody loves a little wordplay and this logic-come-memory activity has all the hallmarks of a weekly favourite. The purpose is to encourage everyone to rummage around in his or her long-term memory bank to see if they can spot the odd word from a ‘set’. For instance, you might list 3 breeds of bird and a breed of fish, but it’s down to the group to detect that the odd word is the fish. You can make the game as easy or hard as you like depending on your players, but we suggest playing it in small groups, so people can help each other along.

Top tip

If you want to make this activity a little easier, you can add in the name of the category so the game is at exploratory level.

The Activity

  1. Write down the first 4 words (but don’t write down the name of the category or you’ll give the answer away!)
  2. Ask the person/group to determine which word is the odd one out and explain why they’ve chosen it
  3. Once they’ve solved that set, move on to the next one

PDF Resource