What you need

  1. Presidents Quiz- download resource


The third Monday in February is known as Washington’s Birthday or Presidents’ Day. It’s a day to celebrate all US presidents – the great, the good and the not-quite-so good! As some of the most powerful people in the world, each has stamped their mark on the history books and it’s now almost impossible to do a quiz without encountering a question on them. 

To test your knowledge and potentially learn something new, have a go at this lively quiz. As with all quizzes, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the answer – having a guess is all part of the fun. 

Ideal for a small group, or for someone to do on their own or 1-to-1.

The Activity

  1. Gather the group in a quiet space, either in comfy chairs or around a table
  2. Ask the first question to the whole group
  3. Encourage discussions about what the answer may be if they are struggling 
  4. Go through all the questions
  5. Stop along the way to encourage the group to talk about any of the answers

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