Odds and Socks

Odds and Socks

  • 10
  • 30


  • Stay Independent
  • Find Calm

What you need

  1. A box full of socks, matching or otherwise


Socks have a habit of disappearing. Sometimes turning up in the strangest of places and sometimes never to be seen again! This activity can work either by matching socks that need pairing, or just folding odd socks together in mismatched pairs. Folding engages the hands and can have a calming effect on its own, while finding pairs is great for those who enjoy sorting.

It’s an activity that can be carried out by someone on their own, or while they’re having a good old natter with a carer or family member.

Top tip

If sitting with the person, why not sing a song or encourage them to whistle why they work?

The Activity

  1. Place the box in front of the person where they are sitting
  2. Encourage them to rummage through the box, trying to find any matching pairs
  3. If needed, demonstrate folding the socks in pairs
  4. Let the person continue folding socks at their leisure