What you need

  1. The Occupations Quiz - download resource
  2. Flip chart (or large sheet of paper)
  3. Pen


Every occupation has certain things associated with it. For example, letters, postbags and yapping dogs would bring to mind terrified postmen and women! This quiz is all about guessing a job from just a few keywords. 

Encourage everyone to guess (even if they’re wrong), as some of the keywords may well relate to another occupation. Writing the words on a board may also help the group visualise the answers more easily.

This activity is great for a group of about 4 people or as a 1-to-1

The Activity

  1. Find a nice quiet spot
  2. Write the first keyword on the board and see if anyone can guess the occupation
  3. If no one guesses correctly, continue with the second keyword and then a third if needed
  4. Once the group has guessed correctly, why not start a discussion by asking a few questions such as:

- Did you know anyone one who was a …….?

- Have you ever met a ……?

- What do you think it would be like to be a …… ?

  5. Repeat with the next occupation until the quiz is complete or the group has guessed as many as they wish

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