What you need

  1. Conversation-starter cards (write questions on pieces of card to spark conversations) Download Resource
  2. Newspapers


A jolly good chat can lift your spirits, energise your mind and do a world of good. That’s why someone, somewhere created a day on 12th July to celebrate chatting – New Conversations Day. It’s the day to ask interesting questions, have genuine conversations and discover new things about one another.

This activity can be done on any day of the year. Simply gather a group together around some tea and biscuits to create a relaxing environment where great conversation can flourish.

Top tip

You can make the conversations more relevant to what’s going on in the world today, and create cards based on things in the newspapers.

The Activity

  1. Gather the group together in a quiet room or area
  2. Put the conversation-starter cards on the table
  3. Encourage one person to choose a card, read it aloud and then answer it
  4. Encourage the others to respond to the same question and let the conversation on this topic flow
  5. Once everyone’s finished chatting about that topic, ask someone else to pick another card

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