What you need

  1. Names of famous people written on slips of paper - download resource
  2. Bowl


Gosh, he was such an incredible tennis player! Who could we be talking about? Try and guess… he won Wimbledon 3 times in the 80s and is most famous for shouting “you cannot be serious!” at the umpire. That’s right, it’s John McEnroe. 

See how many celebrities you can guess correctly in this lively quiz. It’s lots of fun, as an organised activity or just when you have 5 minutes spare

Top tip

Write a few facts next to the person’s name to help people who might struggle with describing the person

The Activity

  1. Gather the group together, wherever
  2. Fold the slips of paper and put them into the bowl
  3. Invite the first person to take a name from the bowl
  4. Ask them to look at the name and give the rest of the group clues about who they are (e.g. what they’re famous for, whether they’re a man or woman, what job they have, where they were born and live etc)
  5. Encourage the group to guess who they think it might be
  6. Once someone has guessed correctly, pass the bowl to the next person to have a go
  7. Keep going for as long as time allows or until all the names have been used

PDF Resource