What you need

  1. Cards of differing colours and days of the week written on - download resource


We take colours for granted every day. They evoke memories and moods, and when used in a game like this, where people are asked to associate a day of the week with a certain colour, they’re a beautiful way of encouraging creative expression.

This activity is great to do with an individual, or can be nice with a small group – and what makes it really lovely is that there are no wrong answers, so everyone can feel confident getting involved.

Top tip

This activity might evoke several different memories, sometimes of specific days, and some memories might be sad. If this happens, be sure to allow them the space and time they need to reflect – and offer support after the session if they need it.    

If you laminate the colour cards, you can use them again and again!

The Activity

  1. Lay out your days of the week cards in a row on the table
  2. Organise your colour cards into piles of the same colour
  3. Ask each person in turn what colour “Monday” means to them and why
  4. Then ask them to choose a coloured card, write their name on it, and place it next to the day that they think it represents
  5. Gently encourage people to share their thought processes and feelings as they go
  6. Move onto the next day and repeat until you’ve completed the week (it’s ok for a person to choose several colours to represent a certain day)

PDF Resource