My Most Favourite Thing To Do

My Most Favourite Thing To Do

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  • Embrace Identity
  • Bring Joy
  • Time Together

What you need

  1. Tea, coffee and biscuits


This joyful activity gets people reminiscing and talking about all the things they love to do. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?! Tune into stories of flying concords, building sandcastles, running marathons – and everything in between. This is a lovely activity to do over a morning coffee when you have 30 minutes spare.

You might even be able to create another activity off the back of this one, recreating some of their favourite things (but maybe not the concord flight!).

The Activity

  1. Gather the group in a quiet area of the room
  2. Start by asking the first person to share one thing they enjoyed most in their life. Encourage them to say why they loved it and to talk about their memory
  3. Spark conversations by asking the rest of the group if they’ve ever done the same thing, or whether they fancy doing it
  4. Move onto the next person in the group and hear about their favourite experience
  5. Let the tea and coffee flow alongside the conversation, and enjoy the obligatory biscuit or more!