Men's Grooming Day

Men's Grooming Day

  • 30
  • 60


  • Embrace Identity
  • Bring Joy

What you need

  1. A visiting barber or hairdresser
  2. Shaving kit – a wet shave is good but an electric razor can be used if needed or preferred
  3. A private room set aside for the session
  4. A collection of newspapers and magazines men will enjoy


Women are more likely to have a pamper day thrown for them. But what about the men?! They’re just as likely to enjoy some TLC. So let’s set aside a morning or afternoon dedicated to grooming for the chaps in a small group.

We’re sure they’d love a little time out for a wet shave and haircut – or maybe just a moustache trim – to make them feel good about their appearance.

The Activity

  1. Put some music on in the background to create a relaxing atmosphere
  2. Invite just 4 men into the room to begin
  3. Give them a warm welcome and ask them to take a seat in a waiting area
  4. Pour some welcome drinks and invite them to flick through the newspapers and magazines while they wait
  5. Treat each man in turn to a haircut and/or a shave
  6. After their grooming session, escort them back to their room or lounge area and invite the next person in
  7. Keep rotating people until everyone has had a chance to enjoy some TLC