What you need

  1. Different shapes of shoe cut out on thick card - download resource
  2. A variety of colourful collage materials, such as sequins, buttons, ribbons, feathers etc
  3. Paints and/or coloured pens
  4. Glue and/or tape
  5. Scissors


Shoes, shoes, shoes. Some say you can never have enough! So why not create the prettiest shoe or pair in the world? Complete with bows, bells, laces, glitter, sequins and neon-pink feathers! You are the designer, so be as creative and daring as you like. 

Go give the likes of Jimmy Choo and Charlotte Dellal a run for their money!  

Top tip

Why not create some mock shelving on a mural and put all the shoes on display? That way everyone will be able to admire them.

The Activity

  1. Invite each person to pick a shoe shape they’d like to design 
  2. Encourage everyone to rummage through the collage materials and explore the colours, thinking about the shoe they’re going to design 
  3. Begin decorating the shoe – painting, colouring and gluing bits on – encouraging everyone to let their creative juices run wild!
  4. Give each person the chance to show off their shoe and say what they like about it
  5. Ask who would like to wear the shoes and how much would they would pay for them
  6. Once everyone has finished, you could invite other people along to enjoy the shoes in a fashion-show-style event

PDF Resource