What you need

  1. Joke book
  2. Tongue twisters- download resource
  3. DVD or YouTube videos of funny animal content


Laughter is the best medicine. Why on earth haven’t health services utilised this untapped resource? Pharmacists dispensing joke books on prescription, doctors well-versed in one-liners and surgeons operating in full clown regalia – provided their shoes don’t stop them reaching the operating table of course!

24th January is Global Belly Laugh Day – the perfect time to have a feel-good day filled with laughter. Try some of the different ways to get people giggling. Definitely one to do as a group, so you can all share in the fun and take turns to swap stories, jokes or tongue twisters. Not everyone has to share something, some may be happy to sit, listen and chuckle with the others.

The Activity

  1. Start by sharing a funny story of something that happened to you. Even though it may not have been funny at the time, it might be looking back
  2. Pass around some tongue twisters and repeat them as fast as possible – guaranteed to raise a smile 
  3. Encourage everyone to tell at least 1 joke. If some struggle, use the joke book or the internet for inspiration
  4. Watch a compilation of funny animal videos – they always raise a laugh 
  5. Suggest a physical and possibly funny-to-watch activity like hula hooping
  6. Any other activities you think of that will be fun and get people belly laughing!

PDF Resource