What you need

  1. Game show quiz - download resource


Hands up if you’re a fan of game shows! Such a variety have glued our eyes to the screen over the years – everything from shoppers sweeping around supermarkets to contestants shouting “higher” or “lower” at giant playing cards. How many could you guess if we give you the first word or so?

You can play this 1-on-1 or in a group

Top tip

Write all the answers on a board or a sheet on the wall, so everyone can look at them for inspiration if they’re struggling

The Activity

  1. If you’re doing the quiz with just one person, print it off and sit with them while they do it
  2. If you’re doing the quiz in a group, gather everyone in a quiet area
  3. Tell everyone that you’re going to read out the first word or words of game shows and they need to take it in turn to answer (you might find that everyone gets lively and wants to shout the answers out!)
  4. Stop every now and again throughout the quiz to ask:

o   Have you watched this show?

o   What did you like about it?

o   What is your favourite game show?

o   Have you ever been on a game show?

o   If you could go on a game show, which one would you choose?

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