Getting in a Knot

Getting in a Knot

  • 10
  • 30


  • Find Calm
  • Stay Active

What you need

  1. Piece of rope (1 metre long and 1 cm thick)


Busy hands like to something to do! This simple activity is all about making and undoing knots with a thick, long piece of rope. It can be challenging in a positive way, relaxing, and also deeply satisfying if you manage to untie them all!

It’s an activity that can be picked up and put down by anyone, so it doesn’t matter if the rope is left with loads of knots in – or perfectly knot free.

Top tip

Leave a few knotted ropes lying around, so they can be picked up anytime throughout the day.

The Activity

  1. Kickstart the detangling by adding 4 or 5 knots to the rope 
  2. When someone feels like they want to do something with their hands, hand them the knotted rope
  3. Guide their hands over the rope, so they can feel the knots
  4. If needed, show them how to make and untie one
  5. Allow the person time and space to sit and relax as they work the knots out 
  6. Keep checking in with them regularly to make sure they’re still happy and settled, and let them handle it for as long as they like