Fruit 'N' Veg Printing

Fruit 'N' Veg Printing

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What you need

  1. Any vegetable that will create an interesting texture, either sliced or using the outside, such as:
    Corn on the cob (paint the outside and roll it for a great texture)
    Onions (if you dare)
    Celery storks (cut the base off a bunch of celery)
  2. ·Thick paper
  3. ·Coloured paint
  4. · Paint trays or plates to dip the fruit and vegetables in


Many people will remember printing with potatoes as a child – or being the grown-up doing it with their kids. Printing with fruit and vegetables is a very simple activity but it’s super fun, even when you’re an adult!

You can use lots of different types of fruit and veg to enhance the sensory element, and go wild with colour. It’s a lovely creative way to spend a morning.

The Activity

  1. Give each person a piece thick card
  2. Encourage everyone to get hands on with the fruit and veg, feeling, looking, smelling and touching
  3. Discuss with each person what kind of picture they want to create, whether it’s a particular image or something more abstract
  4. Encourage people to take the vegetables and fruit, dip them into the paint and print them onto the paper
  5. Print away using different colours!
  6. Leave to dry
  7. Enjoy a cuppa and have a chat about the various types of art projects people would enjoy as children or with their own kids
  8. Hang the pictures wherever they want it