What you need

  1. Large sheet of card
  2. Tree Template Ideas- download resource
  3. Coloured pens
  4. Photos of Friends and Family


It’s thrilling to dig deep into the generations to discover our ancestors. But creating a full family tree requires a lot of time and research. However, since it’s so nice to reminisce about the people we love, why not create a simplified tree for our family and friends? It’s lovely to include friends too, as they’re often just as important.

You can do this activity in a group setting, but it works best if you can give someone 1-on-1 time and finish the tree over a few sessions
A great activity for a care home to help know more about their residents and family networks 

Top tip

Don’t have much time? Make a smaller tree and only write names, then jazz it up with some colours

The Activity

  1. Give the person a sheet of card with the tree printed on (or they can draw it onto a blank sheet)
  2. Chat to the person about their family and friends and their relationship to them
  3. Encourage them to write people’s names on the tree as they think of them – they can be anyone they know, alive or not
  4. Stick photos next to the names
  5. Encourage the person to share stories and reminisce as they add each person
  6. Once complete, invite them to add some colour to the tree – maybe some leaves and fruit
  7. Display the tree in the person’s room, so they can reminiscence privately (it might also invite other people to ask questions and spark conversations)

PDF Resource