What you need

  1. A rummage box, filled with:
  • A football jersey
  • Football scarves
  • Football boots
  • Mascots
  • Football rattle clacker
  • Programmes
  1. Postcards and pictures of famous footballers
  2. Replica trophies
  3. Football
  4. Prepared quiz of team names - Download resource
  5. DVD of famous football matches or best moments in football, such as the 1966 World Cup
  6. Refreshments (beer, if possible!)


Ah, football glorious football. The nation’s favourite game! This is a great one for the men, who might otherwise shy away from group activities. But it’s still for everyone – women and men alike.  Especially in recent years where women's football has much more coverage and grown in popularity.

Many people might have played football at school or for fun, or enjoyed watching live games on the pitch or TV. If not, most will have watched at least one big game in their life, like The World Cup.

There are many stages to this activity, so have fun and make a day of it!

The Activity

  1. Put the rummage box on a table
  2. Encourage each person to pick out something and share their memories of it with the group
  3. Show everyone the photos of the footballers and see if they can guess their names (it doesn’t matter if they can’t)
  4. Once you’ve had a good chat about everyone’s footie memories, why not have a kick about? You can either do this indoors or in the garden – it all depends on people’s mobility and confidence
  5. Set up a goal, place someone in it and encourage people to take turns to score! They can play seated, if needed
  6. Play the quiz and see if anyone can guess the team from their nick name (Please download the resources)
  7. Finish off the session by watching a DVD of old football matches while enjoying a nice crisp pint

PDF Resource