What you need

  1. A list of flowers scrambled up - download resources
  2. A flip chart, whiteboard or very large sheet of paper to pin to the wall


sero and dayis and snapy*, oh my! Can you unscramble those three?

Flower anagrams is a word game, where you rearrange the letters to reveal names of flowers. It’s lots of fun and encourages cognitive thinking, whether someone plays alone or in a group. Don’t let it become competitive, though, it’s nice if people work together to find the right answer!

This fun activity is great as a standalone game or incorporated into a special flower-themed event if playing with groups. You can make it harder or simpler, just by using shorter or longer words, and jumbling up the letters less or more.

*Rose, Daisy, and Pansy

The Activity

• If one person is playing alone, list all the anagrams on a sheet, attach it to a clipboard and give it to the person to do at their leisure• If you’re playing in a group:

  1. Gather the group together in a room or area
  2. Put the chart, whiteboard or large people paper where it can be clearly seen, or on the wall
  3. Write the scrambled flower words on the board and ask the group to guess what they are
  4. Give a clue, if needed

• Scrambled words can look quite obscure, so if you’re playing this with a group at exploratory level, adjust the anagrams like this:

  1. Scramble up the words but keep the first and last letters the same and just scramble the middle letters. For example, rose can be written as rsoe – this should make it a little easier to find the answer

PDF Resource PDF Resource 2