Flags of the World

Flags of the World

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What you need

  1. Flag templates with the country name on them, a few sample flags as a guide for colouring and facts about the different countries - download resource
  2. Paints/Felt Pens/Colouring Pencils


Painting flags of the world is a wonderful – and relaxing – way to get everyone’s cogs whirring. We suggest researching some interesting facts about each country, so you can turn it into a learning experience too. And, of course, you don’t have to paint lots of different flags. If you’re planning an event that celebrates one nation, like Bastille Day, you could always ask everyone to paint the same one, so they can be used as decoration. 

Top tip

To make the activity a little easier, mark up in pencil which colour should be painted on which part of the flag.

We have provide a small selection of flags, if there are other specific flags you wish to have these can be easily sourced from sites such as Pinterest and search for template flags of the world

The Activity

  1. Lay out your flag template on the table for everyone to see 
  2. Ask people which flag they’d like to decorate
  3. Encourage them to follow the sample flag guide in order to paint the colours 
  4. Once the painting is finished, ask everyone in turn to hold up their flag and read an interesting or unusual fact about that country
  5. Get the group to discuss each country’s fact with the group 
  6. If you’re painting one nation’s flag for an event, just print off multiple blank template flags and encourage the group to paint all the flags needed
  7. Why not encourage a sing-a-long session while everyone paints?