Exploring Nature in Summer

Exploring Nature in Summer

What you need

  1. A list of all things summery to spot -  see activity for list 


Hurray! Summer has arrived, bringing a much-awaited array of greenery, brightly coloured blooming flowers and sunshine.

Now that the days are warmer and longer, let’s get outside to discover all the signs of this delightful season. Search for wild ripe fruits, watch out for fluttering butterflies and ladybirds, and stop to enjoy the sweet scents of wild flowers, roses and lavender.

Take a small group outside ­– or just one person – to discover all the wonderful summery things on offer 

The Activity

  1. Plan an outing to a local park or a nearby area of natural beauty – or even just head into the garden
  2. Before you head out, have a chat about what kind of things you will be looking for
  3. If it’s a hot day, plan to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is not as strong
  4. Go for a walk and encourage everyone to keep their eyes peeled, stopping to look and talk about anything interesting that catches their eye
  5. Look for things such as Hydrangeas, Roses, Sunflowers, Foxgloves, Poppies, Grasshoppers if you are lucky, Ladybirds, Bumblebees, Lavender, Green Finches, or maybe a Pheasant
  6. Encourage everyone to take enjoy the feeling of being outside in the warm weather and soak up the surroundings
  7. Ask questions along the way, as you make your discoveries 
  8. Head back home, once you’ve discovered lots of wild and beautiful things
  9. Discuss what you’ve seen and enjoyed over a nice cool drink, or maybe an ice cream