What you need

  1. Pens (variety of colours)
  2. Blank paper or paper with a patterned template - download resource
  3. Background music (optional)


Everyone loves a good doodle, whether chatting on the phone or daydreaming in a meeting. But why not plan a doodle session instead to help get the creative juices flowing? Whether sketching out a random pattern, a face or a simple shape, let the pen and the imagination run wild. 

This can be a personal activity while sitting quietly for a few moments, or even better with a handful of people using one large sheet of paper for a group doodle. Low background music can be a nice addition to encourage creativity. 

Top tip

A blank sheet of paper can be intimidating, so try using a patterned template with different smaller sections to doodle

The Activity

  1. Lay the pens and paper out on a table
  2. Encourage each person to choose their colours and start to doodle
  3. If people are struggling at the start, suggest doodling something simple like a flower 
  4. Ask the participants if there are stories behind their doodles
  5. Suggest adding colours to the doodles
  6. Admire doodles when finished, and keep them if wish to 

PDF Resource