Counting on It

Counting on It

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What you need

  1. Two large dice or two sets of cards each numbered 1 - 6 in large print 
  2. Four cards with each of the maths symbols on them: \, +, x, -
  3. A table to play on


This simple numbers game is a great way to keep the cogs whirring. We love the fact it needs no prep or equipment and you can play it anywhere you like.

Try it one-on-one or with a small group – and if you know somebody with a visual impairment, get them involved too! The rules are easy to explain as you go.

The Activity

  1. Lie the four maths cards face down on a table
  2. Encourage each person to take it in turn to throw the dice (or choose the dice cards), then ask them to choose a maths symbol
  3. This creates a sum which they now need to answer (e.g. if two and six are thrown and an X card is chosen, the sum is 2 x 6)
  4. Once the correct answer has been given, the dice is passed to the next player