What you need

  1. Connecting Words quiz - download resource
  2. White board and pens


Let’s get the brain cogs turning finding the link between 2 random words. Say your 2 words are “butter” and “cloth”. Seem unrelated, don’t they? But if you put “dish” in the middle everything suddenly makes sense! You have “butter dish” and “dishcloth”.

Play the game in a group or give someone a little quiet time on their own to work through the list

Top tip

Anyone struggling? Show them a list of the connecting words so they simply have to choose the right one

The Activity

  1. Put the board where everyone can see it, if you’re playing in a group
  2. Write the first 2 words on the board, leaving a space in the middle
  3. Ask the group to start guessing what the connecting word should be
  4. Once someone has guessed right, write it on the board and move onto the next 2 words

PDF Resource