Comb Art

Comb Art

  • 30
  • 60


  • Find Calm
  • Bring Joy

What you need

  1. Poster paints (preferably in bottles)
  2. Thick paper
  3. Combs of different sizes and thicknesses
  4. Newspapers or washable cloth (to protect the table)


We’re not going to comb our hair… we’re going to comb paint around the page to create a striking work of art! You simply dollop splodges of colour onto the paper and drag them around with a comb. It’s ever so soothing and mesmerising – and quick and easy to set up!

Enjoy with just one person or in a group.

The Activity

  1. Cover your table with lots of newspaper or a washable cloth
  2. Lay the thick paper out on top of it
  3. Display the paints and ask each person to choose up to 3 or 4 colours in a variety of shades
  4. Ask why they have chosen those colours and if they represent or remind them of anything
  5. Gently squeeze blobs or lines of paint from the bottles onto the paper
  6. Once you’ve put all your colours down, comb them into each other in straight lines, waves or different directions
  7. Keep moving the comb around until they’re happy with the result
  8. Sit back and admire the work and maybe ask if the image reminds them of anything or whether they can see any shapes in it