What you need

  1. Images of cities around the world - download resource
  2. Information about each city (optional to help discussions)


We’re going on an adventure around the world (without leaving our armchairs). Let’s get to know an exciting variety of cities through facts and photos, exploring their differences and what it might be like to live in them. This activity is great for cognitive thinking over morning coffee.

The Activity

  1. Invite the group to gather in a quiet area
  2. Lay 2 contrasting city images on the table
  3. Read the facts about both cities
  4. Invite the group to discuss the main differences between the 2 cities
  5. Ask each person: 

“What do you think of the city?” 

“Would you like to live there?” 

“What do you think life would be like there?” 

“If you lived there, what would be the best job for you and why?”

6. Once you’ve finished with the first 2 cities, move onto the next cities and continue the discussion 

7. Keep going until you’ve been through all the images

PDF Resource