What you need

  1. Caribbean quiz - download resource
  2. Fruit mocktails
  3. Calypso/easy listening reggae music 


Let our lively quiz transport you to the warm sunshine, pearly-white sand, and turquoise sea of the Caribbean. Quizzes are always a fun way to use your cognitive muscles without it feeling like work!

This is a great activity for a one-to-one or a small group. No worries if you don’t know the answers, the fun of life is learning something new! 

To set the mood, why not play some gentle calypso music and shake up some fruity mocktails?

Top tip

The quiz might be too challenging for someone at level 2 of their journey, but there’s still plenty to enjoy – listening to the questions, discussions, and music – and sipping the juicy sweet cocktails.

The Activity

  1. Gather the group together or sit with the person in a one-to-one, or give them the questions sheet if they want to do it alone
  2. Pop the music on low and start chatting about what it would be like in the Caribbean sunshine right now 
  3. Start the quiz by reading the first question aloud to the group or person
  4. Ask them to guess what the answer might be
  5. Congratulate every answer, even if it’s wrong, as every attempt is a good brain workout
  6. If the question/answers prompt the group/person to share any memories, make space for it – there’s no rush 
  7. Continue to the next question when ready 
  8. Once the quiz has finished, turn the music up a little, and sit enjoying a fruity mocktail. You could even get up for a boogie! 

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