Brilliant Bruch Toast Toppings

Brilliant Bruch Toast Toppings

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What you need

1. Bread

2. Hot and cold toppings:

o   Cheesy scrambled eggs

o   Avocado and poached egg

o   Tomatoes and basil

o   Goats cheese and asparagus

o   Bananas and maple syrup

o   Cottage cheese and blueberry

3. Or create your own tasty combinations!

4. Bucks Fizz (optional) or mix orange juice and lemonade for a non-alcoholic version


Mmmm, brunch glorious brunch – that delicious hour between breakfast and lunch when you feast and catch up with friends. It’s respectably late enough in the morning to pair with a something fruity, sparkly and drinkable. 

Gather everyone together (and maybe even invite some family too) to tuck in and spend some special time together. This brunch menu is scrumptious yet simple to make, and involves Bucks Fizz and a wide selection of toppings for toast. Get set to gossip and discuss the latest headlines

The Activity

1. Get together around the kitchen or dining table

2. Bring out the cold toppings, and the hot ones and toast as soon as they’re ready

3. Involve everyone, allocating different people jobs, such as:

o   Laying the table

o   Getting the toast ready (place on a plate and cover with foil to keep it warm)

o   Preparing toppings

o   Slicing fruit and placing it on serving plates

4. Once all the food is out, invite everyone to take a slice of toast and add their preferred topping – and help anyone who needs it

5. Top up the glasses with Bucks Fizz – or serve their favourite tipple, cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee

6. Sit back, tuck in and have a jolly good chat

7. Encourage people to try a different topping if they fancy a second slice

8. Keep eating and enjoying one another’s company until you’re all fully sated