What you need

  1. A list of book names and their authors - download resource
  2. Some actual books from the list, where available


Bookworms will love this quiz, as it’s a chance to talk literature and show how well they know their authors. It can also be nice for everyone else, as many people will remember the famous books from their childhood or lives. 

Take a little time out throughout the quiz to read some excerpts and reminisce about the books everyone liked. This is a nice relaxing activity, which can be enjoyed over a morning or afternoon coffee.

The Activity

  1. Gather the person or small group around a table, preferably in a quiet area without distractions
  2. Start by reading out a book title and asking the person/group to guess who the author is
  3. Give them time to talk about the book and the author
  4. Once guessed correctly, move on to the next book title
  5. Invite people to discuss the books they like in more details along the way, and perhaps even read a snippet
  6. Keep going for as long as everyone is enjoying themselves or you’ve got to the bottom of the list

PDF Resource