What you need

  1. A list of foods people don’t like - download resource


Some people will eat pretty much anything (the ideal dinner guest, you might say!). While others can be right old fusspots. Either way, there are some foods that simply make us go “yuk”. It could be mayonnaise for you, Marmite for your best friend, and baked beans for your brother.

This game spurs a lively debate about which foods should be banished from kitchen cupboards – forever!

Top tip

To take away the yukky thoughts of unpleasant food, why not also find out what foods people love at the end?

The Activity

  1. Ask each person in turn to say a food they do not like and why they would happily banish it
  2. Invite the rest of the group to debate it and decide whether it should be banished or not – everyone must agree!
  3. Keep going until the group has listed all the foods they would banish

PDF Resource