What you need

  1. Mix up the cutlery on a  separate tray 
  2. Ask your tidier if they can help you dry up the cutlery and put it in the cutlery tray
  3. Hand them the tea towel and guide them to where each dried item should go
  4. Once they’ve dried and sorted the cutlery, thank for them for the amazing help they’ve given you!


A love of tidiness never leaves us, so if you know somebody who likes to have everything ‘just so’ this is the activity for them. It’s a quick and simple sorting exercise that’s good for encouraging coordination. And because it’s something that everyone will have done in their lives, it can jog memories too. But above all, it leaves people with the sense of a job well done! 

We’d suggest doing this as a one-on-one activity – or with 2 people who want to team up. 

Top tip

Ideal as a one to one activity, however 2 people may like to do this together.

The Activity

To make this easier, instead, you could use coloured labels on the cutlery and colour-coordinate the sections of the tray they go in. For example, forks with yellow labels go in the yellow section

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