A Shell of a Frame

A Shell of a Frame

  • 60


  • Bring Joy
  • Find Calm

What you need

  1. A mix of shells (not too large)
  2. Old wooden frames, with wide edges 2cm+
  3. Strong glue (wood glue may be best)
  4. Coloured paints (acrylic work best)
  5. Clear nail varnish


What to do with all those lovely shells you’ve collected from the beach? Turn them into a beautiful picture frame to keep or give away to a loved one! This activity simply involves gluing shells to a frame and painting it. It’s relaxing and therapeutic, and will hopefully bring back lovely seaside memories.

The Activity

  1. Put all the shells and frames on the table ready
  2. Encourage the person/group to look through the shells, taking time to feel the textures and shapes
  3. Take a frame and paste glue onto a small section of it
  4. Invite the person to arrange the shells on the glue, however they wish
  5. Keep going until the frame is covered and they’re happy
  6. Ask them if they would like to leave the shells their natural colour or paint them
  7. If painting, encourage them to choose the colours and paint the shells, and then let them dry
  8. If leaving the shells as they are, simply paint a layer of clear nail varnish over the top for a glossy finish