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About the activity & how to play it

Image Snap supports cognitive stimulation therapy, while being a whole load of fun. The 36 cards with bright, bold and easily recognisable illustrations span four themes – animals, food, tools and transport. It is different than a traditional snap game, it’s about matching the themes and making new links in your brain.

The cards can be played in three ways but this game of Full House will suit people at a planned level. The game can be played with 2-4 people at a time.


You'll need

  1. Image Snap

The Activities

  1. Set up the game in a quiet room or space at a small table with a clear background
  2. Explain the rules of the game and begin!
  3. Support each person to play independently, offering prompts as and when needed
  4. Deal each player four cards
  5. Place the rest of the cards in a pile, face down in the middle of the table
  6. Tell everyone that the aim of the game is to collect a set of four cards of the same theme
  7. Turn over the top card from the pile and reveal it to everyone in a new pile
  8. Players should look at their cards and decide which theme will be the easiest to collect
  9. The first player can then pick up the revealed card if it’s useful to creating a set of four or take another one from the top of the pile
  10. Each player needs to discard a card onto the face-up pile every time they take one
  11. Keep playing until a player has a set of four matching cards. They must show all four to their opponents before being crowned the winner!

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