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About the activity & how to play it

Amazing Chase is a collection of hand-held marble mazes. The aim of the game is to roll the marble around the track as fast or as slow as you like. It’s great for hand-eye coordination and dexterity, while being a whole lot of fun.

There are three mazes, spanning the planned, exploratory and sensory stages, and the contrasting background colours make them perfect for people with visual challenges.

People can play with the mazes independently, or they’re great fun as a one-on-one activity.


You will need

  1. Amazing Chase Mazes – Infinity, Spiral or Track

The Activity

  1. Sit the person at a table or in an armchair to begin
  2. Give them the maze to match their ability
  3. Show them how to hold and tilt the maze to make the marble move around the track
  4. Make sure they don’t have a window behind them, as the glare and reflection can make it harder
  5. Pass the maze to the person and encourage them to get that marble moving!
  6. Give them plenty of time to get a feel for the maze
  7. It may be helpful to give a little direction, saying “Left”, “Right”, “Up” or “Down” to encourage them to tilt it the right way
  8. The maze is light, but if they’re struggling to hold it, sit them in an armchair, so they can rest their arms as they play. Or if they’re sat at a table, place it on a cushion and they can move it from there

Top tip

If you’re doing this as a one-on-one activity, you might like to move onto another right after, such as looking through the Timeslide Albums.

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