Keep Learning

Finding a new subject to explore, a new hobby to learn or expanding your knowledge can help to provide a sense of achievement and confidence.

“It is possible to keep learning, I had not painted or taken part in art since I was a child and now I really enjoy it!”

Keith Oliver

“When I was first diagnosed, I thought that i would have to give up everything, but you can relearn the things that you have forgotten whether that is a language or how to do a puzzle, it will just take practice.”

Dr Jennifer Bute

“I have taken part in many Red-Letter Days, going on Segway’s, helicopter flights, tank driving day, going on safari and much more! There is still so much you can explore and learn!”

Chris Norris

Tips on Keep Learning

  • Don’t be afraid to try something new, it’s good to still challenge yourself. However, if you want to try something new and are worried, choose one that you feel you will be able to do. Just remember if it doesn’t work out it is also okay, as it can be really satisfying trying something new and not worrying too much about the result.

  • Adapt! If there is something you find you used to be able to do, but no longer can, see if you can adapt it in some way. Then you can still enjoy doing it!

  • If you are not used to technology, this would be a great area to expand your knowledge. Technology can open up so much more of the world for you, such as video calling family members or joining support groups. Access to games, shows, music, and a whole host of other opportunities.

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