Finding a Sense of Achievement

Finding your sense of achievement or purpose looks different for everyone. It can be important to develop a daily purpose to form new memories and your place in the world.

“It is possible to be happier after diagnosis, all you need to do is find purpose and have a little hope.”

Dr Jennifer Bute

“I find achievement through making someone smile or making them feel happier or to show that they still add value. It is very important for families to show their loved ones with dementia that they still add value!”

Dr Jennifer Bute

“I find achievement through the feedback of others, I do not seek praise from others but I am not learning to accept it from others. I used to find accepting praise difficult but I know it is well intentioned and it also helps me to move forward.”

Keith Oliver

“I am her biggest cheerleader so I encourage her everyday. She is a superstar so no matter what she does I celebrate her which helps her find a sense of achievement.”


Tips on Finding a Sense of Achievement

  • Make sure you celebrate all things no matter how small.

  • Keep a notebook with you so you can write down all the little wins of the day. This may help validate what you are able to do, instead of what you are not able to do.

  • It is always so satisfying to take on a task or an activity and feel amazing when you complete it. However, don’t forget it’s not always about the end goal, take time to enjoy the process and appreciate and take pride in what you are doing.

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