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Winter Nature Walks

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About the activity & how to play it

Our Active Minds Winter Nature Walker is a great reason to get outside, with a small group or just one person, during this fresh season. It’s packed with wintery things to track down for yourself – everything from crisp leaves to vibrant holly trees.

Just keep your eyes peeled and get up close with the wild sights and textures of nature. But watch out for those prickly leaves!


You’ll need

  1. Active Minds Winter Nature Walker

The Activity

  1. Spend time looking through the Winter Nature Walker before setting off to familiarise the person or group with its images
  2. Head into the garden or local park for a short walk with the walker
  3. Choose a dry day for the walk, and wrap up well to protect yourself from the winter wind
  4. Try to find one image at a time from the walker while you wander along
  5. Once you’ve spotted one, hold the walker up and look through the hole to see how it matches
  6. Refer to the back of the walker to find out the names of the images
  7. Encourage everyone to be mindful of the smells, sounds and sights
  8. Touch what you spot, so long as it’s not out of reach or too prickly, and encourage people to describe how it feels
  9. Keep an eye out for interesting things that aren’t in the walker, and stop to look, smell and feel them
  10. Once everyone has found everything they’re interested in, head back indoors
  11. Enjoy a hot drink to warm up, and talk about all the lovely things you discovered
  12. Ask each person to describe how the sights, sounds, scents and textures made them feel – and what they memories they triggered

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