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About the activity & how to play it

Scentscape is a lovely activity that uses aromas and sounds to evoke memories. You simply play a sound while sniffing the matching smell to take people back to moments in the past… from tinkering on the car in the Tool Shed and mowing the lawn In the Garden to baking cakes At Home.

The unique combination of smells and sound will take people back in time, sparking intriguing conversations about their lives.

It’s a great activity to play with just one person, or in a group.


You'll need

  1. Active Minds Scentscape
  2. CD player

If using the At Home Scentscape, you’ll also need:

Optional additions:

  1. Unscented talcum powder
  2. Shoe polish
  3. Polishing cloth
  4. A pair of old leather shoes
  5. Fruit cake
  6. Other sensory elements that match the theme (optional)

The Activity

  1. Choose a quiet room without distractions or people passing through. It should also be free from any strong smells
  2. Sit the person or group at a table laid with a plain tablecloth
  3. Prepare the scent jars by dropping two drops onto each cotton pad and closing the jar to seal in the smell until it’s needed
  4. Explain to the group that you’re going to listen to a sound and then smell the aroma that matches the scene
  5. Listen to this for a minute, taking in the sounds and start to pass around the matching jar
  6. Encourage the group to try and smell the first scent whilst listening to the sounds. Make sure they know there is no pressure to ‘guess the scent’ – it’s just a bit of fun and they should focus on enjoying it.
  7. Bring the session to life with other sensory items, if you wish. For example, if you are using the At Home Scentscape, you could:
  • Pass around some recognisable kitchen utensils, such as a hand whisk, flour shaker or pastry cutter, after the first track and scent. This might stir more memories and conversation.
  • Spend some time asking questions after each track and encourage conversations about what they have smelt, heard and felt.
  • After the second track and scent, why not take out some old leather shoes and give them a polish?
  • After the third track and scent, rub a little unscented talcum powder into people’s palms and let them enjoy its silkiness with their fingers.
  • Once you’ve listened to all the tracks and smelt all the scents, why not finish with a cup of tea and some fruit cake?

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