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About the activity & how to play it

Sensory Snap is a tactile association game, where you use the sense of touch and sight to match the tiles to the right image. It’s a relaxing activity that can trigger memories, which people can then share and enjoy during the game – and after.

It’s a great activity when you have a spontaneous 20 minutes spare, or you can give it a bit more time when planning it into your week.


You will need

  1. Sensory Snap game

The Activity

  1. Choose a quiet space
  2. Place the tiles around the box on a clear table
  3. Tell the person to pick a tile and spend some time feeling and looking at it
  4. Ask them to tell you how it feels and what that reminds them of, if they’re able
  5. Invite them to match it with the one of the images on the box and praise them when they get it right
  6. Encourage them to be independent but also offer support if they’re struggling
  7. Before moving on, ask a few questions about the image to encourage memories and conversation, or wait until all the tiles are in place and then chat

Top tip

When the activity has finished, why not do something else related to an image? For example, you could slip on the gardening gloves and head into the garden to re-pot some plants.

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