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Exploring Nature in Spring

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About the activity & how to play it

As the dark days of winter draw to a close, the bright days of spring bring longer days, sunshine and new beginnings. It’s a hopeful time of year when Britain bursts into life once again. Crocuses and daffodils break through the soil, buds and leaves on trees brighten up the dead-looking branches, and animals come out of hibernation to breed.

Take a small group or just one person outside into the fresh air, armed with our Active Minds Nature Explorer Book, to revive the soul and spot the joys of spring.


You’ll need

  1. Active Minds Spring Nature Explorer Book

The Activity

  1. Plan an outing to a local park or a nearby area of natural beauty – or even just head into the garden
  2. Flick through the Spring Nature Explorer Book before you head out, to familiarise everyone with the images
  3. Wrap up warm if it’s still a little cool outside
  4. Go for a walk and encourage everyone to keep their eyes peeled, stopping to look and talk about anything interesting that catches their eye
  5. Look through the book to find the image that matches what someone has seen (they might even find things that aren’t in the book)
  6. Encourage everyone to look in the book as they go, to remind of them of seasonal images
  7. Look at the back of the book to find the names of the images
  8. Ask questions along the way, using the ones in the back of the book or making up your own
  9. Head back home, once you’ve discovered lots of wild and beautiful things
  10. Discuss what you’ve seen and enjoyed over a nice cool drink, using the book as a guide

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