Jigsaw Puzzles for Dementia, Alzheimer's & the Elderly

Our jigsaw puzzles for dementia and Alzheimer's provide just the right balance of challenge and achievement. With a range of puzzle sizes there will be something for every stage of the dementia journey.

Are jigsaw puzzles good for dementia?

Yes, jigsaw puzzles have many benefits, including improving memory and thought processes. They are also therapeutic, bring a sense of comfort and enjoyment and can be used as a tool for connecting with others.

What puzzle is right for my stage of dementia?

Our 13 and 35-piece puzzles have larger pieces for easy handling, best for the mid-stage.
Our 63 and 100-piece puzzles have more pieces and finder details to suit those after a more complex challenge and are typically best suited for early stages.

  • Bathing Birds Bathing Birds
  • Paris scene with a painter Sunset in Paris
  • Farm Life Farm Life
  • Seaside Nostalgia Seaside Nostalgia
  • Puppy Playtime Puppy Playtime
  • Lakeside Vacation Lakeside Vacation
  • Monet's Garden Monet's Garden
  • Farmer's Market Farmer's Market
  • Cat's Whiskers Cat's Whiskers
  • Summer Birds Summer Birds
  • Lily Pond Lily Pond
  • Burano Island (Venice) Burano Island (Venice)
  • Orient Express Orient Express
  • Steam Train Steam Train
  • Spring Picnic Spring Picnic
  • Dancing Shoes Dancing Shoes
  • Blooming Lovely Blooming Lovely
  • London City Dusk London City Dusk
  • Wild Coast Wild Coast
  • The Fair's in Town The Fair's in Town