Meet Lorraine Brown

Lorraine Brown was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's in 2014 after working in mental health care for 26 years. Her family and colleagues began to notice changes in her behaviour that Lorraine thought was due to stress but after a lengthy journey she was provided with her diagnosis. Since then Lorraine has become a champion for people living with dementia and hopes to create further awareness.

Lorraine shares in her videos how she suffers with sundowning syndrome, she explains how the syndrome makes her feel and how she has been able to cope with it.

Lorraine Brown videos

Thumbnail of Keeping Independent video

Keeping Independent

"Technology is key for my independence, I use everything from Alexa to my phone. I have all of the gadgets to ensure that I can get through my day easily!"

Thumbnail of Finding Calm video

Finding Calm

"To find calm, I meditate which provides me with anxiety relief."

Thumbnail of Keeping Active video

Keeping Active

"Since diagnosis, I have started Tai Chi for people living with dementia!"

Thumbnail of Finding Joy video

Finding Joy

"I find joy all of the time, but music really brings me joy. It is powerful to me and it does not matter when they were released. I can still learn the lyrics with the aid of my phone."

Thumbnail of Keeping Relationships video

Keeping Relationships

"My daughters will check to see if I have been active on my social media or my lights are on to know that I am doing well. They know that I can be on my own but they live closely so they can check up on me."

Thumbnail of Keeping a Sense of Identity video

Keeping a Sense of Identity

"To maintain a sense of identity, I work with many different companies within dementia. It is a way of me still working and giving back. I also keep my office full of my accomplishments as it reminds me of who I am."

“I want to provide a voice for people living with dementia. That is my mission so more people can understand what it is like for us. I want to show that we can still do so much and that we still have a voice.”

Lorraine Brown

Lorraine Brown Tips


Technology can be very helpful when living with dementia, as you can check the time throughout the day, checking a Ring Doorbell before answering the door to keep you safe and various other devices that can make your life easier.


Singing can be a great way to express yourself and it enables you to learn something new, as you can slowly remember the lyrics.


Meditation and TaiChi for people living with dementia can be soothing.


Living close to family helps you to keep relationships strong. Technology is also another tool as they can see that the person is ok when they interact with something on social media. Consistent communication is also very important!


Keeping a diary and having a room in the house that has all of your pictures, achievements and records can help you to remember who you are when you are having a bad day.


Visiting a Dementia Café and socialising with friends.