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Relish App Assesses Wellbeing in People with Dementia

Cormac Stanford

May 27, 2021

The decision to for a loved one to move into a professional care environment is one of the most challenging that any family will make. It is a common story that a single event sparks the discussion and most often, the decision is made reluctantly and out necessity and concern for the safety of the individual.

In addition to the acceptance that their loved one will be safer and better cared for in the new environment, families can seek even more comfort in the knowledge that for many people, quality of life can be enriched and actually improve. Beyond servicing basic care needs for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, professional care facilities are distinguishing themselves as places where life will be lived well; with a thriving social environment and activities on offer which are related to the choices and personalities of the individuals. In leading facilities, the wellbeing of the residents is as paramount as the basic care needs.

Leading ‘wellbeing’ within a care home setting is a responsibility of all the members of the team but often spearheaded by the home’s activity staff or director. While this is a big undertaking, particularly for homes with lots of residents, thousands of activity teams have found benefits in using the Relish Wellbeing app.

The Relish Wellbeing app has become the ‘go to’ system for wellbeing and activity teams; helping them with creative support finding activity ideas for a wide ranging group of residents but most importantly capturing and tracking the responses of the residents to the activities on offer. The app is saving an hour per day versus the traditional method of recording activities on paper but also giving the care home’s helpful data on the wellbeing and satisfaction of the residents with dementia. This in turn can be shared with residents’ families, or even inspectors who come by to audit the care home


Some of the features offered by the Relish Wellbeing App include:

- Activity Reporting – Complete Activities paperwork in minutes
- Family Communication – Secure photo sharing and messaging with family members of residents
- Activity Library – hundreds of ideas you can tailor to your residents
- Activity Calendar – Plan in and program activities for the home
- Print Reports – Export and print reports to show families or regulators Relish’s Wellbeing subscription pricing for care homes includes access to helpful tips & podcasts, how-to guides, and other printable resources. Our Care Home Premium subscription allows unlimited users and is only £79.99/month. Or, if you run a Care Home Group across multiple sites or geographic locations, you can contact us for a custom quote at .

Relish’s Wellbeing app helps lifestyle teams in care homes deliver outstanding care and service, while leaving time for what really matters—the wellbeing of the residents! Visit us at or download the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Or you can book a custom demonstration today by emailing .