Navigating Caregiving with Zinnia TV

Bianca Ansbro-Elliott

September 20, 2023

Navigating daily caregiving responsibilities and to look after your own wellbeing can be a balancing act, and it is helpful to know what resources are out there, that can help you to navigate the new normal.

Zinnia Tv provides a supportive library of over 200 research-driven videos designed for people living with dementia. Zinnia turns the TV into a non-pharmacological solution to help reduce unwanted behaviours, accomplish essential activities of daily living, and provide engagement, connection and joy. Zinnia can also be used for caregiver respite and features content that encourages education and self-care.

For people facing cognitive challenges, standard TV programming can trigger confusion, distress, and daytime sleeping. Exploring a meaningful topic on Zinnia TV can soothe, delight, and reinforce a person’s sense of identity.

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